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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “cloud software” mean?

Subscription-based software that eliminates the hassle of looking after your infrastructure and hosting. More importantly: it enables you to instantly receive updates and new features seamlessly, at no extra cost.

What is Innovexa Member Insights?

Member Insights enables you to get a better understanding of what your membership or customer base is looking for. It will help you understand their behaviour and needs, suggest segmentation, and make informed decisions based on insights from data and not just numbers and metrics.

What is Plug and Play Integration?

 Innovexa Digital Cloud Enterprise version allows you to swap in or out any new service with no impact to your existing setup and operation. Integrate services like Mailchimp, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, Moodle, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Woocommerce, Knowledge-base, Wiki, Confluence, community management systems, or CMS systems like WordPress.

What is Innovexa Digital Cloud Dashboard

It’s the central Command-and-Control area that lets you interact with all of your integrated tools and access all of your data in one central location based on roles and organizational structure. It can also be tailored to your specific organization or role to allow you to take advantage of the power of a centralized dashboard.

Does Innovexa help me with onboarding or migration from my old system To Innovexa Digital Cloud?

Yes, Innovexa offers tools and services to import your existing member or customer data and other organizational data into the system for easy setup and operation.

How do I know if I have the right data to take advantage of Innovexa Digital Cloud?

Innovexa offers an Analytics Clinic. Our Analytics Clinic allows you to assess your Google Analytics setup or other analytics tool you may have and ensure that you are collecting the right data and measuring the right metrics.

What is Single-Sign-On?

Single-Sign-On allows you to seamlessly gain access to all of your integrated tools in the Innovexa Digital Cloud – based on your role – while logging in to the system only once, in one place.

Why should I subscribe to Innovexa Digital Cloud?

A subscription to Innovexa Digital Cloud means that you are future-proofing your organization by becoming fully digital. Our software uses the latest industry standard digital tools to improve the experience of your members and streamline your operation.

What do I get with Forms and Workflow?

You will have the ability to create your own forms and attach your own business processes to them. You will also be able to get reports and insight about the data captured through these forms.

Why does Innovexa Digital Cloud use Machine Learning?

Machine learning enables deep insights into your members based on the different interactions they make with your association across all touchpoints. It also helps automate away the low-value, tedious and repetitive work that slows you down (e.g. manual reviews and approvals).

How does personalization help my association or business?

The personalization offered through Innovexa Digital Cloud gives you the ability to tailor the experience of each member and customer to their individual needs and create a more intimate one-to-one relationship. Leverage data insights and automation capabilities to create, update, and continuously refine their experiences.

Does Innovexa Digital Cloud support multiple languages and countries?

Yes, Innovexa Digital Cloud offers internationalization/localization and supports multiple languages and countries around the world. You can also easily manage and update translations.

Does Innovexa Digital Cloud support multiple languages and countries?

Yes, Innovexa Digital Cloud offers internationalization/localization and supports multiple languages and countries around the world. You can also easily manage and update translations.

How do I know my association/business is ready for Digital Transformation?

Innovexa offers a Digital Assessment Readiness service. We can help you understand your level of readiness for the digital future, assess any gaps in your current digital efforts/initiatives and understand what you need to do in order to take full advantage of your digital tools.

What is included in Membership Management?

Innovexa Digital Cloud allows you to manage membership renewals and subscriptions, take credit card and debit payments and other types of online payments such as PayPal. It also offers sophisticated capabilities to manage and search membership database and segment your members based on your defined criteria to better service them.

What if I have some custom requirements that are not offered in Innovexa Digital Cloud?

Innovexa offers customization and software development professional services to complement our cloud based offering. We can extend and customize the Innovexa Digital Cloud product to fit your specific needs. We can create extensions and more integration with any 3rd party software you’re using.
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