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Streamlining The Government Of
Canada’s Web Presence

Implementing and managing the biggest website renewal and migration project in Canada leveraging Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Innovexa Client - Government of Canada

Consolidating All Federal Department Websites Into A Single Site

Over a 3 year period, the Government of Canada is migrating approximately 1,500 individual websites across all its departments and institutions under one, new website in order to provide better service to Canadians.

The websites to be migrated span the government’s departments and institutions, each with separate user authentication for their backend systems and independent administration, business processes and IT support. This includes:


  • 4,000 websites and 10 million pages of content
  • 91 different government agencies
  • 5,000 active Authors and Principle Publishers with diverse set of user roles and permissions
  • 2,000 integrated Apps and backend systems
  • 68 disparate web technologies
  • 17 unique templates
  • Content assets in 15 language integrated into the English and French official language websites

The new site is to be accessible and easy to use on any device with a revamped user experience, an improved search functionality, as well as conform to the latest standards for:


  • Optimizing Websites and Applications for Mobile Devices— ensuring that Government of Canada online information and services are optimized for mobile devices
  • Web Interoperability— ensuring re-use of government Web content across websites, applications, and platforms
  • Web Usability—ensuring Government of Canada websites and Web applications respect usability best-practices, principles and approaches
  • Web Accessibility—ensuring Government of Canada websites respect internationally accepted guidelines for Web accessibility and are measured consistently

Most importantly, there were critical, release deadlines that were due within a 4 month window in order support future website migration workstreams. Key analysis and solution configuration gaps needed to be rapidly completed in order to ensure this development release target could be met.

The Benefits Of Agile, Iterative
Planning And Development

The consolidated website will feature a new information architecture, comprised of 15 user-centric themes based on the information and tasks that visitors are looking for, with all the associated topics seamlessly organized from across government departments and institutions.

Innovexa assumed leadership and primary technical responsibility for three, critical implementation streams:


Solution Configuration

Configuration of the AEM platform and development of the custom components including Templates and Component designs. Innovexa was responsible for requirements gathering, needs analysis, and solution development leveraging AEM best practices to ensure maximum utilization of the AEM platform.



Analysis of existing assets and content to formulate the migration specifications and processes. Innovexa developed the migration strategy and implementation plans using proven methodologies and techniques allowing maximum use of existing assets.

Activities included:

  • Analysis of existing content, functionality, assets and taxonomies to develop the specifications for the new templates and components
  • Mapping of existing content model to new templates and component designs as well as formulating the JCR Schemas
  • Automate migration using Sling RESTful API


Design and development for the integration of the apps and backend systems onto the new site as well as creating the technical specifications for the required communication APIs between AEM and external applications / platforms.

A Delivery Process That Allowed For
Rapid Success

A new, agile solution definition and design process was needed to help achieve consensus in planning website features—allowing progress to be quickly achieved on key decisions while carefully managing risk.

Innovexa led the creation of a delivery approach that was broken in multiple work streams—including configuration, migration, integration, training and support

Defining A Complex, Integrated
Technology Solution

The solution for the new, consolidated Government of Canada web property is based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Managed services and Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. This includes analytics, social tools, media optimizer functionalities, content targeting tools and campaign management for personalization and sophisticated automation of programs across multiple channels.

Achieving A Foundational Software
Release In Only 3 Months

The overall Government of Canada website migration project is ongoing, but the benefits of Innovexa’s approach and expertise have been quickly realized:

Under Innovexa’s leadership, the integrated delivery team was able to complete an initial, first software release within three months. This essential, technology foundation paves the way for ongoing website migration development and releases.

Innovexa’s experienced team of AEM specialists, rapidly integrated into the overall project team and used its iterative, prototype-based approach to manage solution definition and delivery more effectively.

About Innovexa Solutions

Innovexa Solutions is a technology company that specializes in empowering associations by guiding them through digital transformation. Our team of digital experts focus on shaping their approach around customer needs, ensuring not only their technological success but also making that success simple and easy to understand.

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Innovexa Client - Government of Canada

Streamlining The Government Of Canada's Web Presence

Innovexa Solutions was selected to a join a critical Government of Canada project and collaborate with Adobe on the biggest web renewal and migration project in Canada. Innovexa was chosen for its deep experience with large scale and complex projects built with Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM) technology as well as its specialization in rapid prototyping and agile, iterative development.

While the program spans 3 years, Innovexa’s leadership and management helped realize a critical, foundational software release deadline in only 3 months.

Learn more about how Innovexa is helping the government manage and implement the consolidation of:

  • 4,000 websites
  • 10 million pages of content
  • Involving 91 government agencies

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